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We have prepared a series of lectures and concerts, during which we aim to discuss and introduce a variety of baroque music. We have invited both internationally acclaimed musicians - such as Jacques van Oortmerssen and Hans Davidsson - but also some of the most extraordinary young performers - including Krzysztof Urbaniak, Elicia Silverstein and Daria Polak.

We are also collaborating with the Harmonia Sacra Ensemble, under the lead of Marcin Szelest - a unique group of artists using authentic instruments and original performance techniques. All concerts are complemented by seminars, exploring the subject of rhetoric in music (led by Andrzej Borowski, Wojciech Ryczek, Jakub Koryl) and its impact on contemporary compositions (led by Lucjan Dmytrzak and Tomasz Górny).

The series is curated and directed by Tomasz Górny, and is being funded by the Foundation for Polish Science and the European Social Fund.

     Programme - Pasłęk, 25/10/2015     Programme - Cracow, 28-31/10/2015
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Pasłęk, 25th October 2015

Cracow, 28th - 31st October 2015

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